Are you ready to stop fighting your body and discover a peaceful relationship with food?

  • Does going on another diet, round of Weight Watchers, or “clean eating” stint sound unbearable?

  • Do you do well with sticking to a plan for awhile but end up frustrated that you gain back all the weight plus more?

  • Has it been a long time since you felt you could trust yourself around food, especially foods you enjoy eating?

  • Do you feel like you just haven’t found “the right” diet, program, or workout plan yet?

  • Are you confused about what healthy eating even is anymore?

  • Do you feel like your time, energy, and enjoyment of life is being sucked up by worrying about your weight?

  • Are you putting important things off until you lose weight? Applying for your dream job, dating, vacations, buying new clothes or maybe even starting to exercise?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Intuitive Eating coaching may be a great fit for you!

Why Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive Eating is an evidence-based approach to wellness that helps you reconnect with your body’s hunger and fullness cues, heal your relationship with food, and get off the diet roller coaster for good.

A healthy relationship with food and respect for your body is the foundation of better physical, emotional, and mental health!

How would you like:

·        To feel calm and confident about your food choices

·        A healthy new mindset about eating and your body

·        To be able to tune in to your body’s hunger and fullness signals

·        To learn how restrictive eating is harmful to your body and mind

·        No more guilt after eating—food is just FOOD

·        Freedom from buying another diet plan, meal replacement bars or shakes, or detox EVER again

·        To find a way of moving your body that feels enjoyable

·        To take back the time and energy spent stressing about food and your body for a more interesting and fulfilling life

How Does Intuitive Eating Coaching Work?

We’ll meet virtually through my secure online portal so you can be in the comfort of your own home.

Before the first session, you’ll fill out an in-depth assessment to help me understand where you are struggling with your relationship with food and your body.

In each session, we’ll cover one or two Intuitive Eating principles and I’ll guide you through how to apply them to your life.

Between sessions you can reach out through secure messaging for additional support.

What You’ll Get

4 months of coaching that includes:

1 60 minute initial assessment where I’ll get to know you and discuss your relationship with food, dieting, and body image

2 45 minute follow-up sessions each month (7 follow-up sessions total)

Tools, resources, and activities to use to work through the Intuitive Eating process between sessions

Support through secure messaging for questions

Self-care and self-compassion tips

Sessions are tailored to your needs depending on your answers on the assessment questionnaire and how much prior knowledge you have on Intuitive Eating and a non-diet approach to nutrition.

Are you ready to transform your relationship to food from fear to freedom?

Let’s get started on the path to a peaceful relationship to food today!

Intuitive eating coaching may not be a good fit If

You want a quick fix or expect this to be a weight loss diet.

Intuitive eating is a process— the shift in mindset and behaviors needed to improve your relationship with food take time! Becoming an intuitive eater is about well-being, not weight.

You’re not committed to doing the work that it takes.

I will be here to guide and support you along the way but intuitive eating takes openness and willingness to work through the process. You can do this!

You have an active eating disorder or are in early recovery from an eating disorder.

Intuitive Eating work can help when you’re further into recovery. If you need help locating qualified practitioners for eating disorder recovery please visit The National Eating Disorders Association’s website.